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Calamari ( Squid ) is eaten in many cuisines around the world; recipes vary in every region, though fried calamari is the top choice. It is considered a hors d`oeuvres ( starter ) to many main dishes.

Red Snapper

One of the most delicious fish in the menu, Red Snapper stands apart due to its flavor. Try it roasted, grilled, seared, baked, fried and combined with most side dishes. Roasted whole with vegetables is a number one choice.

Surf and Turf

Surf `n Turf blends the best of land and sea, often prepared with lobster and filet mignon; It can also be shrimp and steak if desired, and topped with cream sauce, sided with vegetables and sliced lemon. A great dish to enjoy a mix of both worlds.


Lobster is perhaps the quintessential shellfish to try in an island, and rightly so because of its taste and excellent pairing with many great wines. Try it thermidor, broiled, crab-stuffed, on risotto, Bisque, steamed, and in as many ways your chef will propose.

Wahoo ( Carite )

Wahoo ( called Carite in DR ) is closely related to Mackerel, can be cooked grilled, seared, fried and with just about any desired sauce. Try it with mango salsa when in the Caribbean, or baked with vegetables. Or Grilled with stuffed Portobello.


Tuna can be cooked in as many ways as other fish such as Salmon and Mahi Mahi ( grilled, pan-seared, barbecued, casserole, in pasta, patties, salads, blackened, etc; and in just that many types of sauces.


Considered among the top of fish choices, Salmon is a favorite of chefs worldwide. It can be cooked smoked, as tartare, as Sushi, barbecued, grilled, pan-seared, the choices are endless. Sauces for salmon are just as varied, and side dishes too. The top ones are Alaskan Salmon and Chilean.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is one of the most delicious fish to enjoy when visiting the Caribbean, and the many ways there are to cook it allow chefs the freedom of creating their own signature dishes with varying sauces and side dishes. Oven roasted, grilled, pan seared, blackened, ginger glazed, garlicky and many other styles make it a top seafood choice.

Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp can be cooked in hundreds of ways. Barbecued, with pasta, in salads, soups, grilled, stir-fried, and be served with just as many side dishes: vegetables, rice, potatoes, within Lo Mein ( Chinese ), etc; The chef will suggest options, including using shrimp in appétizers such as shrimp cocktails.

Octopus Dish

Octopus is mostly cooked braised, pan seared, or grilled, and can be served in a myriad of ways and with various side dishes such as potatoes, vegetables, rice, salads and many more depending on the region. Popular for centuries in the Mediterranean, the list of recipes in endless.